Thursday, February 02, 2006

If we don't think about it, maybe it won't happen

One foot in front of the other
One foot back to counter it

So the people of Surrey want the Port Mann bridge twinned, and they don't want to pay for it, so they can drive their single occupant vehicle SUVs to work while the world heats up. By way of explanation, Surrey is a Vancouver suburb, basically a bedroom community of about 500,000. I find it extremely disturbing that they are so self-centered that the only solution they would consider is twinning the Port Mann bridge so we can have even more cars on the road, spewing toxic crap into the air. (OK, I'm a hypocrite when I say that, but it has to be said).

We need less cars on the road, not more. We need transportation alternatives. We need to increase Skytrain use between Vancouver and Surrey. We need to encourage car-pooling. Don't be strangers; meet your neighbour. We need to encourage economic development in Surrey, and maybe also the idea that you can live and work in the same community.

This is the warmest winter I can remember on the coast, and it's been that way pretty much across Canada, I believe. Do the people in Surrey think about this at all? Conversely, do the prefer denial? It is not my intention to make assumptions about what the mindset is amongst the good citizens down there.

All I know is this -- I'm scared.

If everyone's a casualty
Then take your time there ain't no trouble
If the weather's fine and we're feeling crazy
There's always drinks and dancing in the rubble
I'm spinning and you're spinning
The world's spinning and we're laughing
And I'm charming, the devil's charming
And we're ruined but we're still building
And I'm selling and you're counting
The world's stopping but we keep going
And we're ruthless and we're cunning
And I'm heir to it all

-Matthew Good, Avalanche.