Sunday, February 12, 2006

reader mail

I receive an interesting e-mail regarding my blog (I'm not sure which one) froma reader. I have deleted the name to protect anonymity:

Subject: Reply to your blogsite
Date: Sat, 11 Feb 2006 02:38:33 -0500
Whatever your perceived misconceptions about the Bush administration, you must first consider two facts.
1. Islam in general and more specifically radical Islam seeks the destruction of everyone who does not fit into their worldview, including you.
2. The UN cannot be trusted as a world governing body considering the oil for food scandal, and their total inability to stop terrorism.

While more rational people around the globe are indeed afraid of a total "fascist" state as you claim, your intent to give total power to the UN invites just such a condition.

Under our current supreme court, that uses international law instead of the constitution, the pillars of true freedom vs. totalitarianism are being slowly eroded.

You must understand that the reason the U.S. was created was to escape totalitarianism. The U.N. and Islamic "fascism" are the true enemies, not the current administration.

Here is my reply:

Date: Sat, 11 Feb 2006 14:16:36 -0500 (EST)
From: "Stephen Karr"
Subject: Re: Reply to your blogsite
With respect, let me correct a couple of your misconceptions.

Islam in general does not seek the destruction of everyone who fits into their worldview. There are Islamic fundamentalists who do. If I had my way, we would do away with all fundamentalism, regardless of which religion it is pretending to adhere to.

The UN, flawed as it is, is the best hope for world peace that we have right now. We live in an increasingly polarized world. We have the militarists and fundamentalists in the US on one side, and the same in the middle east on the other. I am guessing that you would say that the US should be allowed to play world police. Well, they already are, and have already created quite a mess. The problems with this, of course, is that the US is not a disinterested third party, but a highly involved military and economic player in world affairs. They are also are a notabel committer of greivous human rights abuses. As a result, they are hated in many parts of the world right now, not just in the Middle East. The oil for food scandal is troublesome to be sure, but is mainly brought up by dogmatic US neocons who don't want to be reigned in on their power trip. You may want to read this article on it: UN is unquestionably flawed as I said. The five most powerful countries on the security council have vetoes. What we really need is a world parliament without vetoes, with all regions having equal representation according to population. I am not talking about an all -powerful institution that will reach into all corners of peoples lives, but it would govern relations between nations. I would suggest reading "Age of Consent" by George Monbiot. We have a number of state actors in the world right now with nculear weapons, and all it would take is on small mistake to start a chain reaction and blow us all to hell. Missile defense is no answer. In fact, it is an extremely dangerous proposal to all of us. There is no guarantee it would work, and it would put all other countries on edge.

Tom, I think you really do believe that the UN and Islam are the real enemy, and not the US administration, but I strongly disagree. Polarization and ideological rigidity are the enemy. Radical Islam is powerful and frightening, but so is US neoconservatism. There are a group of people in the US, called the Project for the New American Century, and their goal IS global military dominance. This is not conspiracy theory; this is fact. They are a coalition of religious/social conservatives, ideological neocons and military profiteers. I'm going to give you a couple of links so you can learn more about them.

Make no mistake about it, the rise of fascism in the US is a great concern. Civil liberties are being slowly eroded as well, under the guise of protecting its citizens. Check this out:

Tom, we are living in very dangerous times right now, and what we need right now is the courage to ask questions -- of everyone. No authority must be above questioning.