Monday, January 22, 2007

US missile defence bases in Europe may be a go

Very disturbing news.

According to BBC, The US is seeking to build missile defence bases in Eastern Europe. Apparently, the Czech republic has agreed to offer some its land for this purpose, and Poland has confirmed that the US wnats to negotiate with them.

A Russian General, has indicated that this move could be interpreted as a military threat:

Our analysis shows that the deployment of a radar station in the Czech Republic and a counter-missile position in Poland are an obvious threat to us.

It is very doubtful that elements of the national US missile defence system in eastern Europe were aimed at Iranian missiles, as has been stated.

Fortunately, it seems that Czech compliance still has to pass both levels of Parliament.

Let's hope it won't. Otherwise, looks like we may have to move up the doomsday clock another notch.