Monday, January 15, 2007

What MLK meant to me, in poetic form

Today is Martin Luther King's birthday. As I explained last year, Dr. King is one of my heroes, one of the greatest intellectual/philosophical influences on my thinking. I was going to be at a poetry reading tonight, so I decided this year to write a poem, in his memory. Here it is:

I found you
Back in the day when
I was discovering myself
I discovered you
Because when you lived
You were discovering righteousness.

You were the first one
To make me believe
That a better world was possible
You rocked my world
You shifted my consciousness

You had a dream
I share it
Many of us share it
Even in the new millennium
Even in a world
So far
From the one you envision
Your dream gives hope
In a world that needs it

I share your dream
I cling to it
Because sometimes
It seems like all we have