Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Chomsky and Zinn on Democracy Now!

Fans of Howard Zinn and/or Noam Chomsky will be interested to know that Amy Goodman of Democracy Now conducted wide-ranging interview in two parts in Boston with Chomsky and Zinn. Here they are:

Part I
Part II

For those interested in hearing Chomsky on Pelosi's trip to Syria:

The only thing wrong with it, it was that it was the third person in line. I mean, if the United States government were sincerely interested in bringing about some measure of peace, prosperity, stability in the region instead of dominating it by force, now they would of course be dealing with Syria and with Iran. Pretty much the way the Baker-Hamilton report proposed except beyond what they proposed because they proposed, they should be dealing with it in matters concerning with Iraq. But there are regional issues. In the case of Syria, there are issues related to Syria itself, but also to Lebanon and to Israel. Israel is in control of, in fact has annexed in violation of Security Council orders, has annexed a large part of Syrian territory, the Golan Heights. Syria is making it very clear that they are interested in a peace settlement with Israel, which would involve, as it should, the withdrawal of the Israeli troops from occupied territories.