Thursday, April 26, 2007

Darfur Rally in Vancouver, Sunday, April 29

Find the event in your area. Here's mine.

Global Day of Action for Darfur

Vancouver Art Gallery

April 29, 2007

2 pm-4 pm

The week of April 29 marks the grim 4-year anniversary of the conflict against innocent civilians in Darfur in Sudan. We need your voice to demand that the Canadian government pressure all sides to stop the violence, respect the ceasefire and encourage the UN-African Union force to be deployed in Darfur.

Join us on this Global Day of Action for Darfur to unite together to continue to send a strong message that concrete action must be taken in Darfur. Too little has been done for far too long and every second wasted, a young girl gets raped, a husband is murdered or a village is burned down.


1. Bob Waisman, Holocaust survivor

2. Ahmed Amit: Darfur and President of Sudan-Canada Association

3. A Liberal MP

4. Maria Ang, Heritage Wood Secondary

5. Melody Tabatabaian, Gleneagle Secondary School

6. Nadia Khan

7. Rod Downing


1. Edith Wallace

**More speakers and performers will be confirmed shortly**

We need your voice. Join us in an act of solidarity for the people of Darfur. Confirmed speakers and performers will be announced shortly.

In the mean time, find your MP here to urge the Canadian government to: 1. End the violence in Darfur and implement a robust-international protection force

2. Condemn the Government of Sudan for its flagrant disregard of past agreements

3. Condemn the Government of Sudan for failing to take seriously the recent ICC naming of two Sudanese suspects for war crimes and crimes against humanity

4. Significantly increase funding for Darfuri refugees and urge other countries to do the same.

Write to your MP and after 3 days when they don't respond, send a follow up, and keep following up until you hear back from their office. It's time to make our voices heard.

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