Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Conservative minority

Well, we have a new government. The bad news is it's a Conservative government led by Stephen Harper. The good news is it's a a minority government. All parties will have to work together to get anything accomplished. It would be great to see them tackle electoral reform. They would not be allowed to implement some of their more right-wing pieces of their agenda. I think the Kelowna accord will hold.

There are a couple of things to be concerned with. One is that the Liberals could cave and joined the conservatives on something like missle defence, which the Martinites at one point endorsed, in exchange for something they want. Another is that, if the parliament goes well, the electorate could subsequently reward Harper with a majority. Harper is in some respects an unknown quantity. He used to have quite radical political views. It's to believe he could change that much in a few years. Maybe he could, but there's no way we could no that. The electorate, come the next election, must be reminded of that uncertanty.