Saturday, January 14, 2006

Harper, the media, the witch, and the wardrobe.

I was quite frustrated with the CBC yesterday (I listen to CBC radio everyday while I'm driving around. Stephen Harper had released his election platform. I kept hearing that the Tories would implement tax breaks and avoid touching social programs.

What I didn't hear was that Harper has said that he wouldn't say yes to Kyoto. His openness to missile defence negotiations with the US wasn't anywhere to be heard. There was some reference to his possible reneging on the aboriginal agreement from a couple of weeks ago, thanks to a press conference held by native leaders.

However, if I didn't already know about his BMD and Kyoto positions through the web, I would have gone through the whole workday without hearing. Given the importance of these two issues to human survival, that is disturbing.

On the positive side, I was actually concerned before the Tory platform announcement that the Tories could form a majority on January 23. Thanks to his reactionary platform, I am now reassured that that could could not happen. That is, if the media gives it air and space.