Sunday, May 08, 2005

life story continued

Anywa, I returned from Taaiwan realizing that I'm 37 years old, have no career and no relationship. I very much want both of those things. My life so far has just been a series of failures and disappointments.

I stayed with my folks in Penticton for a few months upon returning home, and too the opportunity to have some career counselling. I did that, and after examining my interest, aptitudes, values, and attitudes. In the end, I realized that I wanted to be a library technician. I love books, and I adore working with information. I have applied to Langara College in Vancouver. I hope to take their Library Technician program.

I am now looking at find out why I have had so much difficulty. I strongly suspect that its ADD. I have moved to Vancouver and have a doctor now who I am seeing. I hope to get a referring to a doctor.

I haven't heard back from Langara yet, but I have landed a full time job as a courier for a graphic design company. We deliver to architects and engineers. The job could become permanent. I've already been on the jjob for a week, and wouldn't mind that. It is a low stress job.