Thursday, May 12, 2005

The Story of Jack

Jack was playing with a moon and then he said to himself "What is this? Why am I playing with a moon?" The moon then said, "Why are you playing with me." The moon, of course, was made of cheese, and Jack loved playing with dairy products? Then he put the moon down, and he put a bug in his ear. This made his ear itch, and he decided that he had one of two options. He could either remove the bug from his ear, or he could inject soothing moisturizing cream into his ear. Of course, this created two problems. For one thing, the bug would likely die, and for another, it would affect his hearing, and he would have to strain vigorously to hear anything, including the plaintive death cries of the bug. He decided to remove the bug from his ear, so the above is moot. So, the next time someone asks you, what do a moon and a bug have in common, you can tell them the story of Jack.